Hi, Fancy Seeing You Here

Liberal Base is an effort to bring together progressive grassroots activists of all parties and none, in a positive and constructive environment.

Many parties have, for years, spoken of closer cooperation. In local government, there are countless examples of Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and Independent councillors coming together to form administrations. In the late 1990s, Tony Blair and Paddy Ashdown famously held their ‘Joint Cabinet Committee’ (JCC) and since May 2016, Liberal Democrat AM Kirsty Williams has served in Wales’ devolved Labour cabinet.

But what about the grassroots?

Whilst we may not agree on everything, we can and must do better. The Remain Alliance at the 2019 general election failed because activists hadn’t practised working cross-party. The next general election may not take place until 2024, but we have to start now.

We are not a political party. Nor will we put forward candidates of our own. Our work is focused on politics between elections, and generating results. 98% of UK citizens are not a member of a political party. We must therefore, create an alternative organisation for them.

This is Liberal Base.

Within the first twenty-four hours of asking for volunteers, our team received well over one hundred offers of help and support from around the world. It has been a real joy to work with many fantastic people from our launch in April 2020, right up until now. I look forward to our continued conversations in future. 

Join us! 

Tom Parkin
Founder and Editor of Liberal Base